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McMullen House for Heroes INC


McMullen House was founded by Chaplain Marcia McMullen DeRush through a vision to bring honor and needed help to our military, veterans, first responders and their families. Chaplain DeRush comes from a line of veterans: Her grandfather, father, 2 uncles, and her brother served.  She has found others who have served and a few law enforcement officers also. The McMullen House came to being after her father passed away in December of 2020. Her heart for veteran’s especially shows when you walk into the office beside her and her husband, David’s home. You can feel the warmth and devotion when you enter in.

Chaplain DeRush is ordained and endorsed as a senior chaplain with Chaplain Fellowship Ministries out of Temple Texas, where she has family roots through her mother. She is certified in various areas through UMBC, Crown College, Back the Blue, Westburg Institute, and several medical field professionals. Her certifications include CISM (individual and group crisis response), Grief Following Trauma, Pastoral counseling, CERT, Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Prevention, Trauma bleeding and first aid are among some of her training. She has 3 beautiful daughters with her first husband who passed away in 2011. Now remarried to David DeRush, they are faithful members of their church and enjoy activities with church family, taking the camper on trips with the grandkids or alone, riding their motorcycles, and helping others as much as possible.

Chaplain DeRush heads up a grief support group at her church and is currently the President of the Columbus County Disaster Response (LTRG).  David and Marcia run the food pantry at their church also.

My Personal Heroes and the Inspiration behind what I do.

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